Dear Senator Flake ……

Dear Senator Flake,

I am so sorry that you had to experience such disrespect when those two women confronted you in the elevator last week.

I feel it is important that everyone treat each other with respect and compassion, after all, we are all trying to do our very best in life.

Daily, we all head to our jobs, mind our own business and perform our duties to the best of our abilities and, you were simply trying to get to your job when that incident occurred.  I’m incapable of understanding what those two women were thinking when they subjected you to such condemnation.

(Where is the sarcasm emoji when you need it?)

I feel it was in extremely poor taste for them, upset about nothing you can control, to verbally attack you in the hallway and follow you into an elevator where you had no means of escape.

How dare they confine you to a small area, without an exit, to rant and rave about their past experiences, which you also had no control over.

I can’t stop thinking about how uncomfortable that event must have been for you.  Surely, you must have felt like your rights, as a human being, had been violated?

You looked horrified, being trapped, with no alternate exit route.  And, to make matters worse, the media caught it all on tape …….. LIVE.

Gee, I hope you will not suffer any post traumatic stress symptoms from this event like so many others, including myself, due to this unpleasant situation you found yourself.  Maybe you should consider taking the stairs next time?

Your ordeal made me think about the multiple times I have been trapped, with nowhere to go, only to endure what was to happen.   Except, there was no one there to catch it on tape or document in any way.

People have likened you to a hero recently, including myself.  Then I had a conversation with a young woman who, is also a survivor of sexual assault, insisted that it was unfair for those women to trap you in an elevator without your consent.


Light bulb moment!

Immediately, I thought it a bit ironic that you might have experienced just 1/1,000,000,000,000th of terror that sexual assault survivors experience.  Ok …….. I wouldn’t really consider that terror.  More likely, uncomfortable.

The young woman I had been talking with said almost immediately, “I hadn’t thought of that, but your right.”

Senator Flake, although I admire you for standing up to your party by asking for a one week comprehensive investigation, “limited in scope” (aka, a cop-out),  I can’t possibly consider you a “HERO” if you have nothing to lose in the deal.

If I heard correctly, you have decided not to run for re-election, which means you had nothing to lose by acting in a bipartisan manner.  No pushback from your party.

So ……. I have changed my mind.   You are not a hero.  A real “HERO,” in this scenario, would be someone who has everything to lose by standing up for what he or she believes.  Standing up for what is right and not succumbing to what your “designated Party” expects of you.

Maybe, in the long run, it will best for our country that you do not run for re-election.  Maybe the person who takes your place will have more resolve.  Maybe that person will not only “talk the talk” but, will “walk the walk!”

Or, maybe you will decide to run again, continuing to lead by example?

Sarcastically Submitted,


       “Resolve And Thou Art Free.”                                                                         –  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

xoxo, Katy