Meet My Porch Pet …..

Do You Have Anything Living Around Your Front Door?
The Tree frog I noticed one morning attached to my front door window. I took this picture from inside.
The Tree frog I noticed one morning attached to my front door window.

I first noticed this little guy, weeks ago, when I was seeing Poo off to work one morning.  He had attached himself to the front door window, so he wasn’t too hard to miss.

A picture of the Tree Frog, attached to the window, taken outside.
I took this picture of the Tree Frog from the outside that same morning.

I didn’t expect him to stick around but it quickly became clear he was planning to make our front porch his home.

As the days, then weeks past, our new tenant got around.   I looked for him everyday, searching high, and then low if I didn’t immediately see him.

My little porch pet hiding in the J-channel at the very top.
My little porch pet hiding in the J-channel at the very top.

Some days I would find him hiding in the J-Channel of the siding, working his way up and down the wall and on other days he would be perched on top of the transom window trying to blend in.

Here he is in a different location, but still hiding out in the J-channel.
He usually moves around on the porch every day.

Originally I thought, “This is great!  He’s going to take care of all those pesky beetles, spiders and bugs that hang around our front door.”  

The frog on the door frame but behind the string of lights that wrap around the front door.
This one cracked me up. It took us quite awhile to find him on this particular day and he was right at eye level!

Then I noticed this ……………….

Frog scat on our front door stoop.
Frog scat on our front door stoop.

And this …………….

Frog poop on the transom window ledge.
More frog poop.

So, I’ve changed my mind 🙂

These are some seriously large poops for a little Green Tree Frog!

A picture of a Tree Frog pooping. I know, I'm sorry ........
Although our porch pet has grown since he’s been with us, I’m still amazed at the size of poop he delivers!


If you have questions about the wildlife living around your property, you can find answers at The Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management.

This site has tools to help identify, not only species of wildlife but also, scat (feces).

Even though I knew the Tree Frog was living on our front porch, when I first saw the droppings, I assumed it was bat scat.  🙂

Hmmm ……….  I wonder if a Tree Frog and a Bat could live together harmoniously?

A picture from the fireworks display Wednesday.
…….. Harmonious like the beautifully blended fireworks most of saw on the 4th of July.

It took a good five, or so, minutes for me to realize it was our new porch pet that was dropping those little poop bombs, as they could easily be mistaken for bat guano or rat scat.  (Don’t you love the rhyming?)

I haven’t decided what to do about our porch pet yet, but he is obviously eating well.  And those POOPS!

“Frogs have it made, they get to eat what bugs them.”

xoxo, Katy