My Review of Boomstick Trio by Cindy Joseph

My Review of Cindy Joseph’s Boomstick Trio Product.
The Broomstick Trio package.
The Boomstick Trio package by Cindy Joseph.


Someone else that believes you don’t need to wear a lot of makeup.  Someone else that believes beauty can come through from within.   Someone else that doesn’t think “anti-aging” but “pro-age.”

She thinks that women who want to show their genuine beauty with an honest approach can do so with her product line.

She,” is Cindy Joseph, a former makeup artist to the stars.  She was discovered as a model at 49 and modeled for many years all while embracing her gray hair.  She is in her sixties now and has developed her own line of makeup called “Boom!” by Cindy Joseph.  She believes that women should wear LESS makeup as they age.

Yea!  For me, any-whoooo.

Me holding two of the Boomsticks.
Me holding the Boomstick Color and Boomstick Glimmer.

I never have worn much makeup. I don’t know why but maybe, it was that I didn’t really have anyone to show me how wear it and I never took the time to learn.  Mostly, I wore mascara & blush and as I got older, a little eyeliner & coverup under my eyes.  Never foundation.  I just didn’t like the way it felt on my skin.

My Mom never wore makeup except on special occasions and even then, not very much.  All four of my older sisters wore very little makeup as well.

When I came across the ad for Boom on an infrequent trip to my Facebook page, it caught my attention.  I almost never get sucked into looking further at an ad posted on FB but her concept was intriguing.  I love that she opposes the “anti-aging” revolution and talks more about Baby Boomers as women entering the “pro-age” era.

YESSSSS ……………  This concept works for me.

I let my hair go gray when I was about 36.  “Salt and Pepper” was my real color.  I started coloring it only because my youngest daughter, who was in pre-school at the time, told me that I looked older than all the other Moms and that I should color my hair.  She said I would look younger.  Probably true.  So, I started coloring it around age 33 and stopped just a couple of years later.  Not only did I not have the time to keep it up, but I didn’t feel like I was being true to myself.  Truthfully, I’ve never been much of a follower anyway, so it didn’t really serve me well.   And ………. I liked my gray hair.   And, yes ……… that was over 20 years ago, BEFORE silver hair was trendy.

Back to Boom.

Me before any product application.
Me, after my workout and, before any product application. I know …….. a little scary, eh!

I decided to try this new “pro-age” product and bought the “Boomstick Trio”  at an affordable introductory price.  It was developed by a former makeup artist for goodness sakes, she must know a little something about our mature skin needs.  I received an email with links to very short videos Cindy Joseph has made showing you EXACTLY how to use the products.

For an untrained and naive makeup user like me …….. priceless!

Picture of me after I applied the Boom products.
After applying Boom products.


It’s not like there’s a huge difference between the pictures but, I have to say, I like the simplicity and “light feeling” you get with these products.  I feel like they give me a nice subtle color without the complexity of a traditional makeup regiment.

Another picture from a different day.
Another picture from a different day.

These are the only products I used …………..

The only daily makeup products I am currently using: Boomstick Color & Glimmer, a neutral eyeliner and mascara.
The only products I am using for my daily makeup.


I have only been using a moisturizer, Boomstick Color & Glimmer, a neutral eyeliner and mascara.  Obviously, this isn’t going to satisfy everyone but I have found it to be super fast, easy to apply and it feels light on my skin.

At the risk of offending multiple people I know that sell various lines of popular makeup, I have to admit that I love this trio!

“A woman’s face tells an individual life story.  Our beauty is born out of self-knowledge, confidence and wisdom.  Let’s reveal and celebrate the beauty we have earned!”     –    Cindy Joseph 

xoxo, Katy

UPDATE:  Read, "My Review of Boomstick Trio, One Year Later."







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