Low Fat Chicken Salad

Countdown to the start of my cooking class:  13 days

I made a chicken salad last night for lunches and used one of my new bowls. Omgosh, it is wonderful!  The bowl sticks to the countertop like gorilla glue.  I have granite tops, which if you are familiar with them, they are slick as heck.

Uhmm…… I also used that cool new knife, the Shun Classic Chef 8” ……… tried to get a little practice in before my cooking class starts.  It is extremely sharp and if you’re not a very experienced “chopper,” you’re gonna want to be extra careful.  Yes, I found out the hard way 🙁   Ouch!  Check out that blade one more time.  Did I say, “OUCH?!” Ya, I know what you’re thinking …… how in the world did you cut yourself in that spot?  The answer is an emphatic, “IDK!”

The bowl worked great, no slippage.  As I previously said, I made this last night, popped the lid on and stuck it in the fridge until morning.  I pulled it out this morning and added a couple of spoonfuls of the chicken salad and fresh spinach to a wrap for my husband’s lunch.

Many people would not like this because it’s not creamy like a traditional chicken salad, but I don’t like all the extra calories and fat so this is one version of how I make it.  I also follow the same principals for tuna salad.  Sometimes I add egg, but I have made it with and without and, either way, it’s still good.

Just in case you’re interested in trying my version, here it is.
No Fat Chicken / Tuna Salad

13 oz  cooked chicken or canned (drained)
1          small red onion diced (or any onion on hand)
3          stalks of celery diced
2 T     dill pickle relish (or diced dill pickles) + juice** (see notes)
Salt & Pepper to taste

Mix all the ingredients together in one of those fabulous bowls and BAM, that is it!
* Every once in awhile I will add 1-2 tsp. of Miracle Whip to add just a little moisture.
** On this batch I used about 1-2 tsp. of the pickle juice, but it is moist enough for me without.